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nly in the bea▓ring of these boyar-millionair●es, who consider themselves Eu●ropeans because their valets are shaved in t▓he English fashion. The

eye of the s▓tranger who wishes to u

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nderstand, and not mere▓ly to gaze, will rather turn to● other phenomena more characteristi▓c than splendid buildings of the country and▓ its people

. There is, in th●e first place, t

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he pope (priest), and then the p▓oliceman. The priests and the policemen are▓ the handsomest persons in St.P▓etersburg.Although the flowing hair o

f the▓ bearded priest, reaching to hi


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s ▓shoulders, is not to be regarded as a charac▓teristic peculiarity,[Pg 39] since every thi▓rd man in Russia displays long hair● or profuse locks that would● undoubtedly draw to their fo●rtunate possessor in our land the at●tention of the street boys, still they ar●e carefully chosen human material, tall, gr●aceful men with handsome heads and ●proud mien.Notwithstanding this

they are ▓accorded but little revere


nce even among● the bigoted Russians, for no matter how oft●en and c

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